Buying My 1st House

I’m desperately trying to identify with San Antonio.  I miss Austin dearly but-but-BUT, I don’t live there anymore.  I love-love-LOVE my job here and my friends and I love having family in the same city I’m living.  So I’m just going to be as much of an adult about it and try to cope.  I’ve been in my apartment for what will be my full 3 years come this November 2012 and I’m going stir crazy on myself.  So in order for me to escape the cabin fevery feel as well as land-lock myself to a city, I’ve decided to look into real estate. 

Flashback time…

I once had a huge crush on this Business Grad Student: Sanchit.  His favorite quote was something about real estate along the lines of “there’s no better investment than real estate as God isn’t making it anymore.”



Back to the story:

Here’s what I’d like as well as some things I’d like to avoid…

Things I want in a home:

  • Hardwood floors- actually anything but carpet.
  • A white kitchen sink because they’re homey
  • A small backyard
  • Close to a busline
  • and I know this is vague, but: Close to something that feels ‘urban’.


Things I don’t want:

  • A Manufactured Neighborhood.
  • An HOA!


weekly meal planner shopping list

I created an awesome thing that will revolutionize how I live my life!!!  I call it a Meal Planner Shopping List 🙂 Creative title right?! 

Basically, it’s a list/weekly calendar of what I’ll be doing each day of the week, followed by what I should pack for that day, followed by a meal i plan on executing. ta-da! :Meal Planner Shopping List is Born. 

I’m so cool for doing this everyone that packs their lunch is going to use this and love me for it!  I am gonna have so many friends!!!!!